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10 best ways to make money fast

Are you looking for more flexible ways to make money that can ‘fit’ around your busy schedule? Today I would like to talk about a few that can ‘fit’ with the desire or need to travel where ever in the world you want to travel.

Who am I and why would I want to share this information?

My name is Tracey and I have a  ‘working hostel’ in New Zealand.

WORKING HARD at Hideaway Island, VANUATU

I am fortunate to be living in Te Puke, ‘Kiwifruit capital of the world’ and have helped thousands of people find jobs in the kiwifruit industry. Even though I have been extremely successful as Kiwifruit industry provides jobs for travelers about 10 months of the year. Sadly, there are times when no suitable jobs are available or the person unfortunately does not ‘fit’ the employer / job requirements. This is terribly frustrating so I decided to do some research and find legitimate ‘alternative ways’ that I can help our young travelers to earn money while they work and travel the world.

To my surprise I discovered there are literally hundreds of opportunities are out there – so I decided to get busy and build affiliate relationships today I will share some of my findings. Now it is only fair to let you know that should you find, like and decide to try anything here that can help you make some additional money – then it is possible I may receive a small commission or donation from the supplier at no additional cost to you. I am confident you will be happy with any decision you make that may help improve your own situation.

Have you every wondered how it works to make money online and if it could work for you? Many people just like you are travelling and earning money online while they are at home or travel the world. Lets explore more flexible ways to earn money that can ‘fit’ around other demands you may have like study, family, other work, travel etc. Best of all I have provided direct links here most are selected where age, language, or physicality limitations are not barriers.

Love Writing? You can find help here to build a career that lets you:

  • Have flexible hoursimages (8)
  • Choose topics you’re passionate about
  • Earn a great income doing what you love
  • Write for blogs, ebooks, magazines, and more

Can you write? many people are living the laptop lifestyle, even at high school students are writing online, in university people are proof-reading, editing other students work as well. Writing Online is an excellent way to be paid, you can choose how many jobs you accept and when you want to do it. There are lots of other Legit Writing Jobs. These are 2 I recommend that may help you earn money doing what you do well.

Perhaps teaching is more your thing? Thousands of people out there struggling with or wanting to learn or improve their learning. There are insurmountable subject choices; from educational, higher academic, music, hobby interests you name it. There is growing demands for Tutoring Jobs Online. Here are 2 I would recommend Tutoring Online #2 

Benefits of Tutoring Online:

  • Work from the comfort of your homeimages (11)
  • Earn $30-$120 Per hour
  • Earn as much as $860 per day!
  • Earn up to $10,000++ per month!
  • Work as much or as little as you want
  • Set your own working schedule!
  • Tutor no matter where you are in the world!
  • Save money on commuting costs, parking fees, and child care.

images (10)images (9)

Sign up – translate – earn money fast

So writing and teaching are not for you? Perhaps you speak and write in more than one language – then paid Translation Jobs may be perfect. Best of all it does not mater what country you are from. People from developing countries are being asked to translate other languages into their own dialect. Thousands of people online are discovering how doing simple translator jobs from home can be very profitable! See how they’re making money doing this by signing up now!

  • up to $100 to translate text documents 10968550_10152996252812459_8519785571668502699_n
  • up to $35 to translate emails
  • translate subtitles in movies
  • translate simple books

I know of Ni Van people in Vanuatu for example who are in need, and are translating French, English and Chinese into Bislama and vica versa. It has been found that many well meant charitable efforts supplying much needed goods to people and communities in need are often rendered useless or used in correctly putting people safety at risk. This is because most supplies are imported, they generally arrive and are distributed throughout Vanuatu with instructions primarily in English, French and more recently Chinese.

That all too complicated for you and you like taking photos – how about Selling Photos online. Yes people are actually getting paid to sell their travel and other photos, online check it out. You do not even have to be a professional photographer or even have expensive equipment. Get Paid To Take Photos! images (18)

images (17)

How about shopping – who dosen’t like to shop? Well this one is super exciting – What about being PAID to SHOP both online and offline opportunities. Yes you can get paid to shop, in local shops in your area, to watch movies, to watch TV, go to amusement parks, while you travel the world, both offline and online – you do not even have to actually buy anything either how cool is that!images (13)

Perhaps you are more into beauty and fashion and have done some training in the industry, or not. If you have an interest in Hair, Make Up Artist work but find marketing difficult or too busy with other demands like travel then this may help. images_01We have had a lot of aspiring hairdressers who get paid to cut hair while staying in our hostel. Then this may be perfect for you, CUT HAIR for beginners then get paid as you travel 

images (14)How about house and pet sitting – If making money is not as important as finding Free accommodation around the world you can always find out more about this house and / or pet sitters program we recommend; Housecare

All sounds to soft you prefer something more rugged.  Then perhaps Fly in Fly out Aussie Mine and Construction Jobs are more your thing. images (19)

  • $160 K entry level
  • fly in fly out positions available throughout Australia
  • Accommodation and Food provided free of charge
  • Trade, non-trade & professional positions for men and women

Want to improve English? Many young travelers who stay in our hostel are here to learn or improve their English to better their work and career opportunities so I went out and found a couple of excellent online English learning systems. Ringles offers Fast Online English learning system, they actually teach many other languages not only English.images (21)

SpeechTV – online Speech School from Massey University, N. Z. is also highly recommended especially if interested in articulation and speech presentation. SpeechTV also offers certifications accepted by New Zealand Immigration for Residency and Skilled Migrant requirements. In fact if you or your family are also interested in or are planning on Migrating to New Zealand and want more information then you may need this Migrating to NZ Relocation Report.

I have saved the very best til last – The  #1 absolute best way to make money to ‘fit’ in with any busy lifestyle or travel plans is to become an Affiliate yourself. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. This system is the best system in the world today and you could incorporate any or all of the previously mentioned methods of making money.

The project I am working on (and really excited about) is helping people build their own businesses and make money online now that I have access to a state of the art training system an online system that you can access for free 24 hours a day. We can now help anyone who has a desire to better their own personal situation; students, beneficiaries, stay at home parents, business operators, retirees…. Any one who wants or sees the value in generating a little or a lot more revenue with proven legitimate and honest methods. You are welcome to take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Profile here

This last one is super cool because this system offers a full 7 day free look see – walk around trial to see how the entire system works… you can choose to stay member for life completely free with limited benefits. Naturally most people choose the Premium membership which I highly recommend for people who are serious about making money online. wa_starter_650x255

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