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Hi there friends,

My name is Tracey, the founder of I created this website because I have an interest and passion with most things Kiwi, and yes i am from New Zealand. I love to help people whether it is helping with information, people, places, experiences and making money. I love Travel (especially cruising) and I love to be paid to travel. and helping others to develop thier own business you can read my PROFILE  HERE at Wealthy Affiliate.

I live in a location in the “golden triangle”

surrounded with lots of Kiwifruit a small town in the Bay of Plenty called Te Puke. People, Passion and Purpose are my personal guiding principles. I have spent the past 10 + years developing a successful Backpacker Business and during that time have met thousands of people and helped and learned a great deal by mutual collaboration.

I believe that we can maximise what we hope to achieve best by the collaboration of knowledge and resources. One of the ways I have helped a lot of young travellers is by networking and helping young people make money.

EVERYONE it seams want to make money – and never seam to have  enough. Helping backpacking travellers has been primarily around helping travellers find seasonal work for FREE in return they stay in our hostel (WORKING HOSTEL) in addition to earning money to pay for their travels we hope their adventure is an unforgeable kiwi experience.

Businesses are now marketing more to their on-line audiences in recent years in fact some travellers report they earn a comfortable income from blogging about their travels and other interests.

My second passion is most things to do with travel having been inspired to see the world through the travellers we have met and their stories.  My husband and I are mature travellers and have travelled as couple, and with our 5 children on occasions as well. We love all travel and especially cruising for many reasons; firstly the cost effectiveness, relaxed and inclusive nature of cruising is by far the No 1 reason we choose to cruise. The excitement of exploring new and diverse locations and partake in numerous activities. Best of all is the ability to do as much or as little as you choose to do, with as many or as few people your social appetite hungers for.

Finally If you have any issues, services or products you would like me to review then please let me know. If you are thinking of travelling to New Zealand to live, work or stay and want to know something just ask, leave me a comment and visit my Blog.

I developed and built up my own business a backpacker Hostel in Te Puke, and have done ok, however more recently I have been working on other projects and decided to sell my property
and move in another direction. My husband and I have fallen in love with cruising and see this is a growing market, anyway in searching for online platforms where I make make honest and legal money online. I came across this training system, it would be a perfect compliment with what you are already doing you are most welcome to check it out by following my links, you can also find me on social media.
One website I am working on the other is I can offer  to help you create 2 websites in 30 seconds and a completely FREE trial look see of this training system to see if you find any benefit for you. You would have access to all the tools training and an entire GLOBAL community that could help grow or diversify your business exponentially if you so wanted of course. In fact if you take a walk around via my profile I would follow you and help you along the way.
I an currently working on Building my new websites using this increadable FREE Webbuilder –
 Content for one of my pages about Charity Cruising – which is a pet project of mine after spending time with poor communities in Vanuatu just prior to the Tsunami in February earlier this year. I also have other pet projects I want to continue to use my networking skills and experiences to help more people with disabilities and their families etc as well.
Anyway if you are at all interest and find  a few minutes you are welcome to take a look at my profile online at Wealth Affilliates and if I can help YOU in any way do reply or can visit me at wealthy affiliate (here is a link to my profile here)
In fact you are welcome to take a look at this fantastic training system
Or… if you want to know more about how you can create a website in 30 seconds that can make you money – try this
As I said before there are absolutely no catches, FREE look around and or trial for 7 days, no credit card, if you find there could be something that could help you to the next step you can sign up for  a FREE membership for a month or for FREE for life, or if you want the optimised or Premium membership it is only $49 month or $359 per year with no further up sells.
As I said costs nothing to look, my invitation to you as I admire people who like to help people.

Contact me via email

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Tracey!

    Interesting topic that you have based your website on about travel and cruising-

    I like your introduction about yourself
    and why you created this site-I always key in on this
    section when I first visit a site to make comments to
    understand why the designer made his site. Good introductions
    I’ve found always show compassion and enthusiasm
    which motivate me to continue evaluating your site.

    Looking forward to seeing more content on your site-

    Good start and good luck on your site-Lots of potential-I wish you
    the best on your site progress and hope you’ll find time to
    visit my site and leave me some feedback.



    1. Hi Tim,

      Firstly Thanks for the welcome, and feedback here in the comments, enables me to find and use the system as I go and learn from others here.
      I think I’m day 4 into WA and progressing well, but obviously not as fast as I would like. I am setting up a 2nd site simultainiously which is my WA one via bootcamp tutorial. My original website I’ve had for a few years now had been trying to re-brand as but as can be seen got stumped with the template my tech advisor helps but is very slow process… Now I am finally truly progressing with the help of a fantastic community of active supporters and a great training system. I am already actively promoting WA directly to various social network followers…

      As you can already see yes I wear a number of hats and one is in promoting my property for sale you can follow this link and welcome to offer any feedback and or share to others or not as you like

      I better get back to building my sites Thanks again Tracey

      1. Dearest sweet bree, this is such a beautiful post and i just LOVE LOVE that photo you took. I am so gatuefrl to have met you on my creative journal and yipeee and hooray to new found creative friend! Have a beautiful start to a wonderful sweet holiday season! Love to you!

  2. Keep giving this type of ftaiasntc material to help the new and experienced internet marketer. This has helped me tremendouslyWD Edit: This comment had no URL,so potentially genuine! Hooray!

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