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What is Charity Cruising?

People love to give to others in their time of need, being able to get in and help with rebuilds follow disaster, gifting quality goods, supplies and services and generally assist developing communities improve their live experiences. Charity Tourism is flourishing, there are many Charitable tour operators and Volunteer travel operators so where ever your philanthropic heart lies most anything is possible. Many people like you are being paid to travel and help people.

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My young son picture (lower left) worked through his vast bookshelf found many excellent quality and much loved books including some bibles for us to take to the poor rural communities trying to offer education to their young. I communicated to Nurse Edna based in Santo, pictured in top images and meet her in Luganville and Champagne Bay, Vanuatu to offer a few gifts of books and basic medical supplies.

We made friends on the Cruise ship and visited a small emerging remote school called Teoumu East School, about an hour from Port Vila. We spent a few hours there reading to the children and giving school supplies. Probably the most rewarding part of our trip in helping in some small way. Our best ever Land based tour while cruising Radiance of the Seas 31 January 2015.

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It is a powerful gift to contribute positively to the well-being of others, even in the smallest of ways, to enable others to succeed in their chosen direction to fulfil goals and dreams. Wealthy Affiliate is a perfect example of  how collaborative communities achieve great things, the contribution and collaboration by individuals in small meaningful ways contributes to the successful progression of many individuals within a community that stretches throughout the globe to achieve their potentials and as a result enjoy more productive and satisfying live experiences.

This lovely lady now in her 70’s is an icon at Port Vila Port Market, she collects gifts and helps circulate them to those in need. Chrissy works tirelessly, there is “THE HELP CHRISSY Group” Facebook page’ where people communicate, collaborate and plan collection drives and delivery etc. Email me for more information on this.

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One of my personal ambitions is to help give even more resources and tools necessary, to local people of Vanuatu (and other destinations) so they can empower, restore, grow and develop businesses of their own choices so they can flourish and be all they can be.

Nurse Edna Iavro and her husband Wass operate a small indigenous tour business

They rely primarily on cruise passengers – they also offer land based holidays and tours for travellers wanting to fly – in /out. Very few cruise  ships stop in to Santo since Cyclone Pam struck, fortunately Santo escaped the worst of the storm and saved their crops and most of their buildings. They and many other communities desperately need travellers to return and for tourism to once again flourish.

Cyclone Pam hammered the fragile Island Nation on 13 March 2015 caused almost total devastation to most of the Vanuatu Island Nation the small developing country that relies on their emerging tourism industry lost almost everything. Shelter, food, water, crops, infrastructure, roads, bridges… except their resilience and beautiful people.

Tourism stopped, the ports and airports were damaged, emergency aid slowly arrived and rebuild began, Volunteers began to arrive, but the message was clear, to ensure any helpers arrived with sufficient resources to sustain themselves adequately. It is critical to remember  to NOT OVERBURDEN the community with you are intending to help. In fact it is important to be sure you are actually helpful not harmful to the community you are visiting.

Inspired by communications during the cruise on Radiance of the Seas that traveled to the Pacific Islands 31 January 2015 like many travellers I signed up to the Cruise Critics Forums found out who else was going on the same cruise… many of those members also signed up to a Facebook group where people could ask questions, share ideas begin share interests arrange small group activities together workshops card groups etc… anyway some post sharing occurring which led to many people wanting to do something even in a small way to help support the poor and remote communities. Together many people decided to limit their personal clothing and or pay for extra luggage if flying and take as much educational and medical supplies each could manage. The intention to take the ‘gifts’ to communities in need..

Some of the passengers made contact with social groups and people living and working in the Islands of Vanuatu who are made up of mainly health and educational personnel each trying desperately to support communities in need, most do not have proper medical, educational or other basic facilities or supply such as clean water and toilet facilities. We learned that there is a huge drive within Vanuatu for education at all levels however only primary aged education is supported by the government meaning that early childhood and high school education is beyond the reach for most people in Vanuatu. There is extreme shortage of books even in the public  library’s in the main centres.

If this has motivated you in any way we would love to hear from you and welcome your coments



6 thoughts on “Charity Cruising

  1. Hello, this is a very interesting and kind concept, what a way to Pay it Forward! You have my attention and I’d love to hear more about this. I will look you up on Facebook and send a request to you to help spread the word. Can you Please let me know once you have expanded on this information? Great things happen when our numbers grow for the Greater Good! Thanks Sharon

    1. Hi there Sharon,

      Thank you so much for your kind words – you are most welcome to look me up on facebook and share anything you find interesting within my websites and if you know any schools that might be interested to support the baby LifePods I wrote about (and have donation link here on our website) I will be happy to forward information how they can get some great fundraising and educational packs.

      Do come back and visit us here we will be adding contact forms etc to help keep visitors informed. If there is interest we hope to be arranging Charity Cruises – perhaps some vis cruise ships and some via fly in fly out method for those who want to spend more time in various communities.

      Don’t be shy – if you have any further comments and or suggestions we would love to hear from you kind regards Tracey

    1. Hi there Eileen, Thank you we hope to be growing goodness through our site – especially with the lovely contributions of our visitors – Thank you so much for stopping by we welcome any feed back as continue growing our site. You are most welcome to help us help others. One way is to be kind and offer a small donation to help the baby LifePods fundraising project I wrote about their donation button is on the home page $2 – $20 evey little bit goes a long way to help save beautiful babies. following with interest kind regards Tracey

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by reading and you kind words – did you also see my post about the baby incubators – revolutionary LifePods? designed to work in the harshest of environments din developing countries, they do not break down like traditional ones do – they sanitize their own air and water and they only cost NZ$2,000 (traditional baby incubators cost about NZ$44,000)… Anyway have a wander around our website – we can also book cruises, help connect people to house & Pet sit while on holiday check out our FREE accommodation page. We are all doing our little bit here and there individually may not feel like much – but collectively – We all make a HUGE difference to lots of lives Kind regards Tracey

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