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4 thoughts on “Cruise the World

  1. I guess it’ll be a beautiful site, only one question, this site will be international, why don’t you use more languages in the translate function, the most spoken language on earth isn’t English and believe me, there are still many people, who can’t speak English. When you talk about travelling, Russians are more and more exploring the world and guess how many of them understand English…

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my site, yes am still working on building the content and really do appreciate you taking the time to comment, and I agree and did not realise the translator only offered English I shall definitely take a look at the translator Plug in that I installed and see why it is not offering other languages as that does defeat my objective here. Thanks again and do remember to pop back and visit again

  2. Your other option is a rniesptiooing cruise. This is where the cruise ship finishes a season in one area, such as the Caribbean, and then repositions to another area such as the Mediterranean for another season. The cruise lines sell this rniesptiooing voyage at a very good rate. P O Cruises are based out of Southampton in the UK and do these rniesptiooing cruises. Cunard also offer a number of transatlantic voyages, as do Royal Caribbean.Your best bet is to talk to a specialist cruise agent who can chat through your individual needs. I booked a rniesptiooing cruise through a couple of year ago

    1. Yes you are quite right Evelyn, there are some incredible deals to be had with re-positioning cruises, especially with the larger cruise ships as they often have a northern hemisphere and a southern hemisphere itinerary. What many people may not be aware of is that re-positioning cruises often have more seas days – this is because their objective is the destination – they still offer as much or more on-board activities along the way.

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