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If nothing else – I have a functioning website!

If you are not techno-savy like many of us… and you want to make money on-line then Wealthy Affiliates will be a welcome surprise. You see I have been terribly frustrated with not being able to maximise revenue generating opportunities that technology can provide for my business.
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My original business website I set up with the help of a kind and patient web-wizard, who tried to give me templates and tools to create my own. Of course like many people I failed miserably, my website an embarrassment, ended up sitting out in some forgotten wasteland for the past TWO years – all because I couldn’t work with the back-office!

One of the biggest problems I have had in developing my business is creating an affordable and effective, fully functional website that I can create and edit myself with ease… Talking to a colleague recently, who said they paid about $7000 for their website, but are not able to make changes without contacting their website developer. I however, am now able to write content in a fully functional, website jam packed with state of the art SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO) tools.

Since arriving to Wealthy Affiliates I have created (my bricks and mortar business) and which I feel is my niche… I’m so impressed I have started building 2 other websites as well.  I do believe investing in training and marketing tools that work.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to invest the time and effort to create an actual product to sell. You can begin selling something as an affiliate as soon as you have a platform to market from – you need a WEBSITE.

The key to maximise any revenue potential generated from a website is the ability to be able to breath life into it by creating and modifying fresh material at any time you desire.

So I figure that if I get NOTHING else here from my journey with Wealthy Affiliates – I now can create a website for FREE that I can operate, and all the tools necessary to fully optimise and monetize (if I want) for a lot less than I am currently paying for my current website. Thank you WA… for providing all the tools needed to help me generate and maximise any revenue generation potential.

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