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Welcome to our new kiwiCRUISE travel and booking portal  – We are Tracey & Walter together we have lots of cruise and travel experiences to draw from. We are confessed cruise and travel addicts and continue to travel the south pacific and world. Our cruising career began in 2008 when we booked the Pacific Star on her final cruise and our honeymoon. Since then we have travelled as a couple, with a baby in tow, as a family with our 5 children, with extended family when Grandma was in a wheelchair, travelled with friends and combined cruise and land travel. With this wealth of experience we are sure to be able to assist you with the perfect cruise and travel solution for you.


Within our site you are encouraged to ask questions, we are more than happy to help you navigate solutions, if it is advice, directions, or products you seek or ready to book your next cruise right now we are here to help you get the most out of your travel experience.

We will be bloging up a storm save us a favourite, sign up to our notifications, follow with interest as we grow and develop this site your your enjoyment. You may be invited to share your travel stories and photos along the way as well.

In time we expect to grow and create speciality cruises along the way – to do this we will need your input, so please at the bottom of each page we have a comments section so please ask, contribute a story, photo video, request anything. Let us know how we can help you. Perhaps you have met some of our friends as well.

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