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Young and travelling the world

Young and travelling the world, yet millions millions of babies die each year because they do not have access to good neonatal care. That can now change, I came across this ingenious creation the LifePod Baby Incubator designed by New Zealand Inventor Sir Ray Avery and his team who have collaborated tirelessly on this ingenious creation..


What is so special about the LifePod?

Traditional incubators are simply not designed to work in the hostile environments of developing nations. They are expensive, they cost around NZ$44,000 each and need constant repairs and maintenance, they rely on purified water and uninterrupted power supplies.

LifePods however are very different and have been designed to work in the harshest of environments.

LifePods purify their own air and water and run for ten years, saving up to 500 little lives for a fraction of the price of existing incubators. Each LifePod costs only NZ $2000to produce and can save hundreds of babies’ lives.

We can save a life by donating as little as NZ $20. In fact schools in New Zealand are coming on board with their own fundraising projects “Little Hearts Helping Little Hearts” saving a life for as little as NZ $2 #‎keeplittleheartsbeating


Baby Life Pods – Revolutionary Baby Incubators

It’s going to take NZ $2 million to produce enough LifePods to make a real difference.

NZ $2 Million is a lot to ask for – even if it’s for a great cause, so please donate what you can, then LIKE, COMMENT below and please SHARE this via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anywhere else. Together let’s change the world and ‪#‎keeplittleheartsbeating‬

You may also be interested to follow efforts in our other  charity cruising efforts to help remote communities in Vanuatu for example where ultimately we hope to send 20 Life Pods. Our travels we have meet with some incredible people with massive hearts, sharing their gifts, to help others achieve great things on Facebook.

10959572_10152996253392459_4940488362117226500_nIt is a powerful gift to contribute positively to the well-being of others, even in the smallest of ways, to enable others to succeed in their chosen direction to fulfil goals and dreams.

This lovely lady Christine Lockwood-Liles now in her 70’s is an icon at Port Vila, Port Market, she collects gifts from Cruise ship passengers and helps circulate them to those most in need. Chrissy and her network works tirelessly. There is “THE HELP CHRISSY Group” Facebook page’ where people communicate, collaborate and plan collection drives and delivery from throughout Australia and New Zealand.

One of my personal ambitions is to help give even more resources and tools necessary, to local people of Vanuatu (and other destinations throughout the Pacific). I hope we can empower, restore, grow and develop businesses of their own choices so they can flourish and be all they can be. To help achieve this I have partnered with Wealthy Affiliate. A fine example of how the collective contribution and collaboration by individuals in small meaningful ways can contribute to the successful progression of many individuals within communities, across the globe to achieve and enjoy more productive and satisfying lives.10996366_10153012896432459_3752299101479956402_n

Many other people are true inspirations, like Nurse Edna Iavro who also works tirelessly distribution goods and medical health services to remote communities in Santo. Edna and her husband Wass also operate a lovely small indigenous tour business rated the best among many cruise passengers. Sadly the cruise ship arrivals are very sporadic so the survival of communities most in need can not rely totally on passing cruise ships. and a small friendly guest house.

There are numerous other brilliant young people growing and developing their ideas, communities, businesses – they all need help to start and “keep those precious wee lives in their first days so they to can lead their communities on to achieve great things..

They are desperately needed to be distributed throughout the many islands and remote communities in Vanuatu. The following image is taken at Teoumu East School a remote school my husband and I and a couple of friends visited while cruising to Vanuatu in 2015 just before Cyclone Pam’s devastation.

On this occasion we took much needed school supplies including books, and had lovely day reading with the children. In fact I would love to see across every port of call welcoming “reading stations” where visitors like cruise ship passengers  (adults and children) can take a few minutes to simply read with children. This small step alone will help the children learn and understand English much faster and help grow their ability to create thriving futures.


In New Zealand have created school packs in an effort to offer fundraising opportunities for the school communities. The School Packs are designed to be educational, inclusive and inspiring and above all are designed to educate young minds in their role and social responsibility contributing to making the world a better place. These School Packs are full of information, posters, ideas, stickers and activities, educational and fun.

Kids love to give, if you have children, big or small, or you are involved with a school or could help introduce a School Pack to any school, would love to hear from you.

In fact, Schools or groups that raise enough money to buy a LifePod even get their school name on the LifePod and can choose which country their LifePod is sent to – an amazing opportunity for our young people to really be involved. The challenge now is to give a little to give a lot.20150126_081012

This is so important to each and every one of us because I am certain we all know someone who has had some sort of difficulty bringing our babies into the world and giving them the best possible start in life. I may not have one of my babies had it not been able to start out in a traditional incubator for the first few days of life. What makes my baby any more important than anyone else’s baby? So if we can give a few more babies this precious time to keep their tiny hearts pumping just that little longer we can help more communities grow their precious people into great people.
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I’m sure we can all reach into our pockets to give a little or a lot then we can help this enterprising team get the necessary funding to grow these precious babies. These incubators are so cheap we could soon see them replacing traditional outdated and broken incubators in hospitals throughout the world. This is new, ground breaking technology that can totally revolutionize they way we do things today. Mind blowing to think this technology can be applied for a fraction of the price of the traditional methods. So go on give a little – give a lot! Thank You – beautiful people.
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