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Cabin Buddies – willing to share?

As the cruise travel industry gains popularity many solo travellers are looking for cabin buddies willing to share. I have met a number of solo cruisers who resent being required by cruise-lines to pay for the single supplementary price for the privilege of cruising. Many would like to meet other like minded, travellers who would be willing to meet and share the cost of a cabin either twin or 4 berth options.  images (27)

Join our Facebook page and meet your new cruising buddies soon. Cruising Solo NZ and the world  While we are a new group, please remember to like and share to your other friends and groups you follow and we look forward to lots of new discussions about anything and everything to do with cruising.

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You can travel the world and have a share dorm room in a hostel or flash-backers, my question today – Is there enough demand for more speciality cruises that better cater for solo cruisers?images (40)

Many of the solo travellers I have met have been happily married and their partner refuses to cruise or is unable to get the same vacation time – so they have often cruise with another family member or friend. However it is not always possible to find an immediate family member or friend who is available to take holidays at the same time.  I have even met friends who have ‘loaned their partner to the husband or wife or their friend’ to enjoy a platonic cruising holiday generally have completely different agendas but happen to share the same cabin.images (41)mature travellers

More and more cruisers are demanding more choice – some cruise-lines are realising the huge market of solo cruisers Norwegian Epic would have to be the most single friendly offering 128 single cabins, and Breakaway &Getaway ships offer 58 studio cabin a piece.

P & O Cruises World Cruising Acada has 6 dedicated single cabina and Azura offers 18. Meanwhile some 15 cruise ships in the Costa Fleet offer single cabins.images (42)

Luxury Cruise lines however are popular with solo cruisers as they offer a wide range of activities and offer many attractive special offers; Curnard, Crystal, Seabourn, Silverseas and Sea Dream Yacht Club are among the most popular with solo crusers.

images (43)However these luxury cruise-lines are out of reach of many solo cruisers who quite simply want the same price opportunities as others who share the same cabin as twins and quads.

If there is enough demand we would be interested in creating a supportive group page where other solo travellers can meet and plan their next cruise.

Any Auckland solo travellers? we want you!

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