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Takes a community to raise our young

Funding Futures is critical

It takes a community to raise our young, this is a shout out to some very hard working people who have been working tirelessly, for the past decade or more helping the young (and not so young) in our community. Some of you may already know Tracey and Steve Fawcett, founders of VGCT, some may not really know what they have been doing and what grand projects they continue to offer, their vision is to… add value to Te Puke Youth and Residents by creating an inclusive sense of place. We aim to do this by “Envisioning Sustainable Communities Collaboratively”. 

Known by a few names, Te Puke’s Vector Group, aka The LOFT, their founders and founding members, are bringing life and vitality back to our community. They enable our youth to express themselves, engage with the community, find and create a safe place where they feel they belong and can contribute to more sustainable futures for all. One example is the ‘our of the box’ solution that enabled many of our local year 12 & 13 student residents shining like Diamonds for the Te Puke High School Ball 2017 – thanks to the Pop up Ball Shop 2017. Helping our young residents shine like this is simply not possible without the continued effort and support of Vector Group. They need physical help, donations of time, money and resources.

Projects that Vector Group have run so far highlight creativity, vision, collaboration and active participation with others. In 2017 they ran social table tennis after school, Pizza and Politics with youth, Pop Up Ball Shop, sponsored Coke popup party, Te Puke Film, Web design and Development, Photography, the Te Puke Directory and TEPUKEMAG. There really is something for every one here in Te Puke.

My own children have very much enjoyed various activities, most recently my 16 yr old enjoyed the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Movie night with friends at the LOFT (old RSA) as a parent it is really comforting to know there is a space for my young child to socialize safely, she really enjoyed it and would definitely go again. Meanwhile my 9 yr old son trialed the coding for kids taster workshop, which booked out early. While many activities are FREE for all children to attend, I was not aware that there is often no funding or contribution to Vector Group for the use of the facilities.

Vector Group have taken a massive leap in faith to offer their energy and resources to provide numerous opportunities for residents in our community to be engaged and grow into positive contributing members of our community. I for one say it is time Te Puke to put your hearts and hands into your pockets and offer what you can to help our friends and neighbors continue to keep the doors open. They require $5000 per month operational costs just to keep the doors open for us. While they would love major donors and sponsors, we can all do something to help.

There is really nothing available for community groups like this in our area, so lets not loose this opportunity. Donate online visit: or make a bank deposit to: Vector Group, account number 03-1330-0031832-000 with your name  (Charitable donations are eligible for tax rebates) or koha if you want to remain anonymous.

Last year I packed an extra lunchbox for school to help feed a hungry child at school, a painless, small but meaningful way to make a huge difference for someone. This year 2018, I challenge everyone in Te Puke and WBDC District, who have, or knows people with children and young people to join me in setting a small regular sum by way of an automatic payment can do so right HERE  Every effort, small or large $2, $5  $10 more more can help make huge social impacts for our community that we are all set to benefit from now and moving forward.

Look at a few of the grand plans we can look forward to in 2018; we will see the launching of dance workshops, arts, information technology, coding for kids, barista courses and by the end of 2018 even aim to have some accredited learning opportunities made available for youth through a partnership with a PTE. They also plan on setting up stronger social connection opportunities in our community creating an iconic table tennis centre, cafe and bar for corporate events, hire-able venue and conference room.

Funding for our futures is critical, Vector Group have shown there is a need and demand in our community now. These opportunities are ONLY possible because Vector Group secured their new premises, the old RSA at 16 Oxford Street, Te Puke, to benefit the community – that is US. This tired old building desperately needs the community backing and support to achieve the ‘lofty’ visions that Vector Group have and are willing to share but they desperately need support to maintain and to ensure sustainability of this social enterprise. In case you missed the DONATION LINK above

Te Puke Film is another prime example; launched in 2017, as a multi faceted initiative to engage youth and community members with film creation, acting, tourism and business show-reels. You can follow and connect with Te Puke Film on Fb 

Te Puke Film is available to undertake commercial projects, like training, marketing and other digital visual experiences, resources and tools. By using a variety of mediums, Vector Group shows how people can engage as a club, while creating learning and economic opportunities.

Special Bricks sponsorship campaign 2018 range from $150 to $10,000 with advertorial perks for the Limited Edition Sponsors.

Sponsorship’s will also include additional benefits especially attractive option for businesses:

  • Listing in our TEPUKEMAG.
  • Acknowledgement in showreels produced by Te Puke Film.
  • Listing and advertorial options on the Te Puke Directory.
  • Tax rebate of 33.33% as we are a donee org.
  • Sponsor-member discounts on future events.
  • *Limited Edition Sponsors will be approached for personalised showreels, project and initiative endorsements and branding opportunities – print, film, web, social media.
  • All who have sponsored in previous years will remain to be recognised in our year book and online websites and social portals.

For more information about the work of the trust and sponsorship phone Stephen on: 027 414 4280.

Mailing Address: 16 Oxford Street, Te Puke, NZ
Registered Donee Org – Charitable Trust No….  CC45966

IRD Number: 106−276−961


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