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Young and travelling the world, yet millions millions of babies die each year because they do not have access to good neonatal care. That can now change, I came across this ingenious creation the LifePod Incubator designed by New Zealand Inventor Sir Ray Avery and his team.

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What is so special about the LifePod?

Incubators are simply not designed to work in the hostile environments of developing nations. They are expensive, they cost around $44,000 each and need constant repairs and maintenance, they rely on purified water and uninterrupted power supplies.

LifePods however are very different and have been designed to work in the harshest of environments.

LifePods purify their own air and water and run for ten years, saving up to 500 little lives for a fraction of the price of existing incubators. Each LifePod costs only $2000 to produce and can save hundreds of babies’ lives. We can save a life by donating as little as $20. In fact schools in New Zealand are coming on board with their own fundraising projects “Little Hearts Helping Little Hearts” saving a life for as little as $2 #‎keeplittleheartsbeating

It’s going to take $2 million to produce enough LifePods to make a real difference.

That’s a lot to ask for even if it’s for a great cause, so please donate what you can, then share this via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Together let’s change the world and ‪#‎keeplittleheartsbeating‬

The School Packs are designed to be educational, inclusive and inspiring and above all are designed to educate young minds in their role and social responsibility contributing to making the world a better place.

The School Packs are full of information, posters, ideas, stickers and activities. If you’re involved with a school or could help introduce the School Pack to any school, would love to hear from you.

Schools or groups that raise enough money to buy a LifePod even get their school name on the LifePod and can choose which country their LifePod is sent to – an amazing opportunity for our young people to really be involved. The challenge now is to give a little to give a lot.


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